Policies and Procedures

All our Policies and Procedures are available to look at online just click on the links below:

 I N D E X


  1. Accident and Incident Policy Policy and Procedure
  2. Administration of Medicines Policy
  3. Admissions Policy and Procedure
  4. Adverse Weather Policy
  5. Babysitting Policy
  6. Bruising in Children Who are Not Independently Mobile Policy
  7. Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure
  8. Collection of Child Policy and Procedure
  9. Complaints Policy and Procedure
  10. Confidentiality Policy and Procedure
  11. Disciplinary Policy 
  12. Documentation Policy and Procedure
  13. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy
  14. Emergency Lockdown Policy
  15. Equal Opportunities , Inclusion and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Policy and Procedure
  16. E-Safety Policy
  17. Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation or Closure of Bisley Pre-School
  18. Food & Drink Policy
  19. Grievance Policy & Procedure
  20. Health & Hygiene Policy
  21. Health and Safety Policy
  22. Healthy Eating Policy
  23. Intimate Care Policy
  24. Key Worker Policy
  25. Lost Child Policy
  26. Mobile Phone and Camera Policy
  27. Nappy Changing Policy
  28. No Smoking Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  29. Non attendance policy
  30. Non Collection of Child Policy and Procedure
  31. Parental Involvement Policy
  32. Packed Lunch Policy
  33. Rota System Policy
  34. Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure 
  35. Settling In Policy and Procedure
  36. Special Needs Policy and Procedure
  37. Staff Behaviour Policy
  38. Staffing and Employment Policy
  39. Staff Ratio Policy
  40. Student Placement Policy
  41. Sun Safety Policy
  42. Supervision Policy
  43. Whistleblowing Policy