Ofsted 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

 As some of you may be aware, on the Friday 13th February 2015, Bisley Pre-School was subject to an Ofsted inspection, and the quality and standards of the early years provision have been graded overall as ‘good’.

 As you will see from the Ofsted report 2015, the Pre-School received an exceptional write up, with the contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children being graded as ‘outstanding’.  Despite a very heavy workload for the staff following a number of ongoing changes/improvements to the Pre-School, I would personally like to congratulate the staff on the wonderful comments received on the report:

 “…teaching across the pre-school is very strong.”

 “All children show high levels of independence.”

 “Staff have a secure understanding of how to safeguard children.”

 “The vibrant environment, the structure and routine of the session and the skillful interactions from staff ensures children follow their interests and are supported to become confident and critical thinkers.”

 “Children’s imagination is extended beautifully…”

 “Children’s behaviour is exemplary because they are engaged in their learning and staff have high expectations.  New children settle exceptionally well.”

 As you will hopefully understand, we are slightly disappointed not to have retained the ‘outstanding’ grade from the previous inspection;  It was due to a new method of assessing and monitoring the progress of our children that the staff are currently developing, but as it has not yet been fully implemented we could not be awarded an ‘outstanding’ grade overall.  You should be reassured that irrespective of the Ofsted inspection, this method of tracking our children’s progress is already well underway, and you will see evidence of this for yourselves over the coming term.

 Once again I would like to congratulate the staff… and children!… on such a glowing report, we should all be very proud.  As always, should you have any concerns/queries regarding this or any other matters at the Pre-School, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Pre-School Manager.


Kind regards,

abi sinature
 Abi Brown
Bisley Pre-School