Registration, Fees and Funding


To put your child’s name down our waiting list fill out a waiting list form  and send to our registrar. Please be aware we have found ourselves with a very high demand for places, please allow plenty of time to submit your form before you would like them to start.

Please refer to our Admissions Policy and Procedure


FEET Funding


We take children with FEET funding (Free Early Education for Two year old).

To see if you are eligible. Click Here (This link diverts you to the surrey county council website.)

free education

Children under 3 years of age

Until your child is eligible for government funding you will receive an invoice each term. Fees are
£6.00 per hour.

Children in Receipt of Government Funding

The term after your child turns 3 years, your child is eligible for funding for up to three five-hour sessions per week. Sessions are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

For more information see:

If you have any further queries about available funding, please contact the Pre-School Manager.

Voluntary Contribution

Once your child is in receipt of government funding, we ask parents to make a voluntary contribution of £17.50 per term.  This covers the cost of fruit, Christmas and Easter Concerts, and Christmas and Summer parties, none of which are covered by the funding received from the government.  For younger children who are not yet funded, this contribution is included in their fees.

Childcare Vouchers

The Pre-School will accept childcare vouchers for payment of fees and should you wish to use this method please contact the Committee Treasurer.