Resources and Activities

We pride ourselves on having a large range of equipment and activities for children to use and enjoy.  These include:

Imagination, Role Play and Drama

Imaginative role play areas are provided and the home area is regularly transformed into stimulating environments such as shops, hairdressers, teashop, castles, library, post office etc.  We also have a large selection of dressing-up clothes accessories and puppets with which children can create opportunities to communicate and use their imagination.

Music and Stories

We have a variety of musical instruments for the children to use as well as CDs for them to listen to. We regularly engage in story, music and drama sessions.

Paints and Crafts

Children are given the opportunity to express their creativity through a range of paint and craft resources e.g. sponges, paint brushes, rollers, glue, scissors, glitter etc.

Water, Sand and Dough

Through these activities children are able to use their senses and develop early knowledge of science and maths skills.

Games and Puzzles

We have a large variety of games and puzzles available.


The children have access to the computer and tablet as well as a variety of programmable toys to explore.

Physical Activities

We provide a large range of both large and small physical equipment and activities take place both indoors and outdoors.

Book/Cosy Corner

This is a quiet and cosy area for the children to take time out to listen to stories, look at books and ‘chill out’.